It's all about growth

Growing companies, growing investments

Capital Match matches the right sources of money to best companies in Northern Ireland.

The benefits are:

  • High-potential companies have rapid access to their BEST suited sources of capital
  • Funders only see potential companies which match their criteria
  • Less wasted time for both companies and funders
  • The good companies do better, more quickly

Capital Match only works with battle-hardened, high growth potential, knowledge economy based NI companies. These are either Springboard graduates or suitable companies referred into Capital Match by trusted sources and who have passed a strict readiness test.

With the level of ambition involved, companies will be seeking to raise £500k - £2m.

The Catalyst Inc Springboard programme provides the core deal flow for Capital Match:

  • Springboard is open to NI innovation companies with high growth potential
  • Although unique, it is best described as a personalised accelerator programme
  • It is based on the collective knowledge of a unique network of experienced entrepreneurs
  • Springboard challenges and coaches to help maximise opportunity and reduce go-to-market risk
  • It is powered by a pool of over 400 subject matter experts and 75 Entrepreneurs in Residence 90% of Springboard graduates have raised capital (£27m)

The Capital Match process is summarised as:

  • Selection and entry via Springboard or an entry panel
  • Potential further gap-filling modules
  • Profiling of the individual company funding journey
  • Set up a data room ready for investors and assist the company in populating it
  • A personalised matching process to a small number of potentially well-aligned funding sources who will be selected agreed and personally approached
  • Individualised pitching training strongly personalised to each funding source introduction
  • Capital Match may attend some but not all meetings between companies and funding sources
  • Companies and the funders agree or not on a deal
  • Capital Match can provide further input based on its extensive experience, but it does not provide advice

 The types of investors involved with Capital Match are:

  • Venture capitalists
  • Institutional funds
  • Family offices
  • Syndicates
  • Investing groups
  • Selected experienced individual investors

These investors are attracted by the quality of the companies allowed into Capital Match and the efficiency of the matching process. This intelligent, highly focused fund-matching means that they will only see companies which exactly match their investment criteria. This saves time and helps build the trust and investment relationships on which Capital Match is based.