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Springboard to Funding - Mind The Gap

Springboard to Funding - Mind The Gap

added Tuesday, May 16 2017

On the face of it, there’s a lot of money for NI companies. No, honestly there is! In terms of equity, we have a seed fund, two local VCs, an angel...

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Launch of Capital Match

Launch of Capital Match

added Tuesday, May 9 2017

Capital Match is a new service for Northern Ireland-based companies from Catalyst Inc, formerly the NI Science Park. Capital Match is not a business...

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Four NI Entrepreneurs Heading to the Palace – Do They Have Your Vote?

Four NI Entrepreneurs Heading to the Palace – Do They Have Your Vote?

added Monday, October 24 2016

There are many, some might say too many, opportunities for young companies to pitch to investors. London especially is full of accelerators, angel...

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